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Imprudence 1.3.2

This version of Imprudence includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.1.


  • Updated the ogg-vorbis libraries to address an exploit that allowed attackers to crash the viewer. libogg is now version 1.2.2; libvorbis is now version 1.3.2.
  • Fixed VWR-25479: Avatar physics causing broken shapes on other viewers. Thanks for the patch, Seraph Linden!
  • Fixed the Vivox Acceptable Use Policy window appearing under the wrong conditions.
  • Fixed voice chat always being disabled at startup, even if you had enabled it in your Preferences in the previous session.
  • Fixed a startup error related to "" on certain Linux distros. (IMP-790)
  • Fixed the viewer encountering an error: "Vertex buffer destroyed while mapped!"
  • Tweaked the compile system so the viewer can link using "gold".