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Client identification is a feature which allows users to tell what viewer (Imprudence, Phoenix, Emerald, etc.) they are using.

Client identification works only if both people are using a viewer that supports it, and have the feature enabled. This feature is completely optional — you can choose to disable broadcasting (telling other people what viewer you use), receiving (seeing what viewer other people use), or both. Instructions to disable this feature are given below.

Toggling Client Identification

Imprudence 1.3 beta 3 and Higher

Go to Preferences > Advanced:

  • Show Client Names in Name Tag: Toggles client name/color appearing in others' name tags.
  • Broadcast Your Client Name to Others: Toggles others' ability to detect your client.

Imprudence 1.3 betas 1 and 2

There are four debug settings to control various parts of this feature:

  • ShowClientNameTag: Set this to False if you don't want to see what viewers other people are using. This is True by default.
  • ClothingLayerProtection: Set this to False if you don't want other people to see that you are using Imprudence. Setting this to False also disables clothing layer protection. This is True by default.
  • DownloadClientTags: Set this to True if you want to automatically download the latest client list from our website each time you run Imprudence. If False, Imprudence will use the list it was compiled with, or the most recently downloaded list (if any). This is False by default, but the first time you log in with Imprudence 1.3 or higher, the viewer will ask whether you want to enable it.
  • ClientTagsListURL: This controls the URL (web address) of the client list that the viewer downloads if DownloadClientTags is True. By default, this is an official Imprudence URL, but you can change it to the URL of a different (but compatible) client list if you wish.