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Object Backup

Export objects from the pie menu.
Import and export objects from the File menu.

In Imprudence 1.2 and later, you can export objects that you have created inworld, save them on your hard drive, and import them again later. This allows creators to keep backups of things they have created, so they can be sure their creations won't be lost by an asset server problem.

You can also use this feature to move your creations from one grid to another! For example, you could build in the comfort of your own OpenSim (with free and fast texture uploads), then import the final version to SL. Or, you could export something you've already created in SL, and move it to an OpenSim grid to expand into a new audience or market.

What objects can I export?

You can export any object that you own, created yourself, and have full permission for the prims (Modify, Copy, and Transfer). The permissions of object contents do not matter, because the contents are not exported. All prims in the object must have been created by you. As of this writing, there is no support for exporting objects with multiple creators. However, support for that might be added in the future.

When you export an object, Imprudence saves the shapes of all the prims in the object to an XML file on your computer. It also downloads the textures (and sculpt textures, if any) of the object as JPEG2000 image files the same directory as the XML file. The texture files are used by the "File > Upload & Import" command.

Note: Object export feature does not yet save any object contents, including scripts. Only the prims and textures are saved.

Exporting Objects

Exporting an object is easy:

  1. Rez the object inworld.
  2. There are two ways to export. They both do the same thing, so use whichever is more convenient for you:
    • Right click (or Cmd-click, on Mac) on the object to open the pie menu, then select "More > More > Export". (If the "Export" command is grayed out, that means you don't have permission to export it. See the "What objects can I export?" section, above.)
    • Or, select the object(s) in Edit mode, then use "File > Export Selected Objects..." in the main menu.
  3. A file save window will appear. Select the directory and name of the file you want to save the object as.

That's it! The object's prims will be saved to the file you selected, and its textures will be downloaded into that same directory.

Tip: You can export multiple objects at once, saving them to the same file. Just rez all the objects, select them all in Edit mode, then export as above.

Importing Objects

Importing objects is just as simple:

  1. Go to an area where you can build, and which has enough spare prims to fit your object.
  2. Select the "Import Object" or "Import + Upload..." command from the main File menu.
    • "Import Object..." imports the object, and re-uses the same exact texture assets (same UUID) that it had when you exported it.
    • "Import + Upload..." imports the object, and also uploads the object's textures as new texture items. This is most useful when moving to a new grid, where the old texture UUIDs don't exist. Note: The uploads cost the same as regular texture uploads. So uploading and importing an object to SL will cost L$10 per texture used!
  3. A file open window will appear. Select the XML file for the object you want to import.

The object will be built, and textures uploaded (if using "Import & Upload") and applied, just like magic!

Script Backup

Save and load scripts from the script window's File menu.
You can save and load scripts from your hard drive.

To save:

  1. Open the script you want to save.
  2. Select "File > Save to Disk" from the script window menus.
  3. A file save window will appear. Select the directory and name of the file you want to save the script as.

To load:

  1. Open a new script, or a script you want to replace.
  2. Select "File > Load from Disk" from the script window menus.
  3. A file open window will appear. Select the script file you want to load.
  4. The code in the script window will be replaced with the contents of the file you selected.

Avatar Body Part Backup

Import and export avatar body parts from the Appearance window.
You can import and export any avatar shape, skin, or hair that you created.

(More to be written!)