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Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta 2

This version of Imprudence includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta 1. See for more detailed information the Full Commit List at


  • Don't run vstool.exe when using an express version of vc++, by CobraElDiablo from the Astra Viewer.
  • Support modulo in llcalcparser.
  • Always return when an export fails.
  • Changed version to beta 1.5 windows test release.
  • Only check if an object is above SculptSAThresh if it's an actual sculptie.
  • Always add the version to the top of the log--makes debugging easier.
  • Updated Imp's easter egg chat commands with the new website urls.


  • Fixed snapshot Capture combo.


  • Fixed packaging script not finding the right .exe for a configuration.
  • Fixed the script editor constantly searching for an update that doesn't exist (also some more cleanup).
  • Ported external script editor patch from Phoenix, added some cleanup, and made it use menus (also added autosave and fixed the 'reset' button alignment being off while I was there).
  • Added ll_frand(min, max) function.
  • return 0 when mFile isn't found in llapr rather than asserting always.


  • Create readable version string for installers, based on jacek's script
  • Updated to find VS2010 as well (patch by DJ Wind).
  • Removed old unused stable installer script. Still need to figure out a good way of determining if a build's experimental.
  • Fixed llkdu .config file not being copied during packaging.
  • Fixed merge errors in the windows installer script template.
  • Get the default version from viewerinfo.cpp in the build system.
  • Fixed windows packaging merge errors.
  • Rebranded the Windows installer template back to Imp.
  • Fixed cmake merge error when adding SSE2 target to copy win libs.
  • Added a new Windows installer script for ISS. Packaging now just generates a versioned script that must be compiled (currently) by hand. Leaving the NSIS files to be cleaned up as the installer work continues.
  • Removed packaging private assemblies since that's no longer how we distribute the CRT.
  • Added SSE2 packaging and configuration the copied pdb filename, moved it up one directory to the main viewer folder.
  • Ported SSE2 build target from Singularity, patch by Shyotl. Note that the package project still currently only supports 'Release'.
  • Added basic copying of symbol files when the windows package project is run. (Todo: add SSE2 target).
  • Committing a useful .bat file for windows.
  • Updated the experimental installer script.
  • Updated the way the Windows installer handles the VC++ redist files. Includes the following changes:
    • Updated the VC++ 2005 redist to 8.0.50727.6195. Installers created under Win7 should now work under XP.
    • Added 2008 redist to the repo in case we ever need it/people who fork from us want to use it 2008 instead of 2005.
    • Added a check to see if we should install redstributables for 2005/2008 or not.
    • Fixed issue with the 2005 redist not installing when it should under Vista/7.
    • The installer now copies redistributables to a new subfolder: 'redist'. Anyone having 'application configuration' errors should be told to run the files in there
  • Make sure we clear out skin files that could cause bugs when we install over 1.3.
  • Code from Singularity Viewer. Original author Shyotl.
  • Place machine SSE status and viewer compiled status in Help->About Imprudence Floater. This was signed-off-by: Nicky Perian.
  • Fixed windows installer files missing from the repo and added the VS2010. redistribution (needed for the new openal libs and upcoming VS2010 support)
  • Updated the windows version of openal-soft to 1.13.


  • Fix #985: Crash after teleport. A stale LLVOVolume pointer was caused by a leftover from porting the sculpt->volumes list from V2, which I forgot to port. Needed for correct volume accounting.
  • Fixed #1011: chat range options aren't saved in prefs > notifications.
  • Applied 0001-Fix-hang-in-LLFloater-getClosableFloaterFromFocus-2..patch by Makomk Makosen for #763: Possible infinite loop in. LLFloater::getClosableFloaterFromFocus.
  • Don't crash if someone sends us a notecard they've managed to embed a calling card in.
  • Fixed #986: Preferences->Graphics Advanced Options checkbox is not available in French.
  • Fixed #742: cache reset to default button doesn't work (introduced in 7507619e).
  • Fixed #994: double click action combobox not enabling.
  • A fix for #995: crashing when changing 'Only my Friends and Groups can see when I am online'.
  • Fixed missing 'nl' translation (from SL 1.23.5).
  • Fixed dice rolling to use the right range.
  • Fixed llinfos comment in llaudioengine_openal.cpp: updatewind, not initwind.
  • Removed some unused code from the media tab panel and fixed the '?' button in about land > audio.
  • Tiny bit of coding standards changes for llaudioengine_openal and moved audio engine cleanup later during shutdown to prevent conflicts.
  • Updated open al device loading and added debug info for startup.


  • Added debug settings RenderSculptSAThreshold and RenderSculptSAMax. Adjust these if sculpties ever go invisible that should not.
  • A little cleanup for cache clearing.
  • Added clear sounds cache option.
  • Added debug setting KeepUnpackedCacheFiles to keep unpacked script, sound, and avatar files in the cache between restarts.
  • Created new window for selectively clearing different parts of the cache from disk.
  • Created new window for inworld dice rolling in advanced > UI. Todo: add button for 'rocks fall, everybody dies'.
  • Added more debugging info and initialization help. For some reason openal32.dll crashes on quit.


  • Revert "Reverted ability to customize the Imprudence client tag color." This reverts commit 87219855c664447a39dd7c2d8866f0a630d1c843.
  • Backout of the sculptie derender patch ported from FireStorm. This also reverts 14f4622c and 534767ef.