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  • This software is not provided nor supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

Privacy Policy

Kokua and Imprudence Privacy Policy


  • Formal support is through the Kokua Viewer sourceforge ticket system tracker.
  • Informal support is through the Internet Relay Chat (irc) #kokua channel on the freenode servers or through blog comments.
  • Informal support ends when a recommendation is made to file a ticket.

Graphics Card Drivers

Most often the drivers provided by operating system(OS) manufacturers are good for most users. For Windows, the drivers are provided as optional downloads through the Windows Update program. Optional updates are not downloaded and installed automatically but, need to selected for download and installation. Most cards are manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices(AMD), Intel, and NVIDIA Corporations. Card detail including manufacturer and model are listed in Help->About Kokua window. For users wanting the most up to date graphics experience the links below are to the driver manufacturer update sites.

Second Life and OpenSim Grids

Release Notes -- Please review


Downloads From SourceForge Primary Site

Attention Linux Users

Contributions by Drakeo of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) libraries moved Kokua to this new media plugin much quicker than would been possible without his contributions. Drakeo's development focus is media and providing Slackware viewer packages. Upstream CEF frequently issues security updates and Drakeo puts those into his own Slackware viewers and contributes updates to Kokua. These security updates from CEF come more often than the Kokua release cycle, however, our Test viewers can be used to maintain a level of currency.

Please remember that Linux viewers are Alpha and that is even more the case now that we longer have the benefit of Linden Lab's Quality Assurance run through of new features added to Linux viewers. We do our best to provide a stable linux viewers, but with the vast number of linux distributions problems will occur that may not have timely solutions.


MD5 cae8b5f7f2c3df5793c3d468da3ca172 *Kokua_4_0_2_38137-1_i386.dmg

Linux 32 Bit

MD5 b94695e087119dd1769807144a491938 *Kokua_4_0_2_38137_i686.tar.txz

Linux 64 Bit

MD5 90e7d4bdca0f939a429f622c84f1f610 *Kokua_64_4_0_2_38137_x86_64.tar.txz


MD5 4997cab1cdc62a6479d7d1b552036cee *Kokua_4_0_2_38137_i686_Setup.exe

Downloads From Bitbucket Mirror Site


Linux 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit