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  • This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

Privacy Policy

Kokua and Imprudence Privacy Policy


  • Primary (formal) support is through the Kokua Viewer sourceforge ticket system tracker.
  • Secondary (informal) support is through the Internet Relay Chat (irc) #kokua channel on the freenode servers.

Graphics Card Drivers

Most often the drivers provided by operating system(OS) manufacturers are good for most users. For Windows, the drivers are provided as optional downloads through the Windows Update program. Optional updates are not downloaded and installed automatically but, need to selected for download and installation. Most cards are manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices(AMD), Intel, and NVIDIA Corporations. Card detail including manufacturer and model are listed in Help->About Kokua window. For users wanting the most up to date graphics experience the links below are to the driver manufacturer update sites.

Release Notes -- Please review


Downloads From SourceForge Primary Site


MD5 8de656cc6af359a4ce5658f842c6d7a5 *Kokua_3_7_12_34831_i386.dmg

Linux 32 Bit

MD5 2f0157d99fe439e9f9ce79bceab545ba *Kokua_3_7_12_34831_i686.tar.bz2

Linux 64 Bit

MD5 4346b79d9c48de89955ecc244cbf99eb *Kokua_64_3_7_12_34831_x86_64.tar.bz2


MD5 686bfbda969f2c8faa09363d64ee95b6 *Kokua_3_7_12_34831_i686_Setup.exe

Downloads From Bitbucket Mirrow Site


Linux 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit


Test Viewers

All Nightly Built Viewers