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This page highlights test viewers available of Kokua, the next generation Imprudence client based on Second Life Viewer 2 & 3. Features may come and go from test viewer to test viewer — it does not necessarily mean that a feature is being officially added to or removed from the viewer, just that things are being tested out. These viewers will also tend not to be widely announced or distributed due to their experimental nature. These are alpha viewers (that's before beta), and while we don't know of any game-breaking bugs in them (unless otherwise stated), we still recommend caution when using them. To be absolutely safe, we recommend those wishing to test these viewers use an alt account that does not have valuable items in its inventory, profile etc. Considered yourself warned!

These viewers are provided as a courtesy for those who want to try the bleeding edge ('bleeding' being a key word). These viewers are not considered ready for wide public release and there is no support provided with these viewers. Source code for these viewers is available, though it may take us a little while to get it posted on this page for each version as these are just being thrown up on the wiki here as the code is being finalized, so that it can be tested for bugs.

Please read our Best Practices before testing.

Kokua:Release Notes/3.3.1 Alpha Mac

Release Highlights

The features should equal secondlife viewer but, no mesh upload at present.

Some libraries are missing. Application icon too. No sound.

Developer Notes

Please look for backgound colors other than kokua purple and textual references other than kokua.

OSgrid sandbox or secondlifebeta (aditi) grid recommend for testing as no cost will be incurred for the uploads. Please test with an alt that has no important inventory content, just in case.

Please report issues to Bitbucket.

Available Downloads

Darwin 32bit Bitbucket

Kokua:Release Notes/3.3.3 Beta_1b

Release Highlights

  • Updated June 17, 2012 Linux 64 bit
  • Updated June 17, 2012 Windows 32 bit
  • Updated June 17, 2012 Linux 32 bit

Developer Notes

Updated to Linden Lab viewer-beta 3.3.3

Linux 32 bit now has libminizip.so in its install.

Linux 64 bit has libminzip.so in its install. However no known bad behavior occurred without it.

Linux 64 bit has a unicode libpcre.a linked and libpcre.so and libpcre.so.3 in its install.

Fix for pink skin issue Kokua Bug # 1162. LL issue VWR-29014.

Fix for grid manager addressing locahost grids.


Ability added to upload 256x256x256 meter mesh objects on opensim and derivative grids. Kokua is the only viewer known to have this ability.

The Windows viewer has no streaming audio, however, streaming media works.

Builds are at the point where bug reports can be filed to our redmine issue tracking system.

Available Downloads Our wiki external links are broken

  • Until we repair our wiki please copy/paste this url
  • bitbucket.org/NickyP/kokua-dev/downloads

Comments and issues

Some changes are in settings so, the settings files need to be eraseed before the first run of this version.

Kokua:Release Notes/3.0.0 Alpha

Release Highlights

  • No Functionality Changes From Kokua:Release Notes/0.1.1 Alpha
  • Matches commits (Unlike previous version)
  • HACD library repo hacd-k is commited to match the library used to build the viewer
  • Autobuild.xml is set to pull the HACD library from the Downloads area

Developer Notes

There are not any functional changes. The old one was ahead of the repo commits.

Please report issues to Bitbucket.

Available Downloads

Linux 32bit Bitbucket

Windows 32bit Bitbucket