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  • Your user name and password for any grid service (e.g. OSGrid, Second Life) are never transmitted to anyone other than that grid service.
  • By default, the viewer contacts our server to download certain resources. This does not provide us with any personally-identifiable information or allow us to track individual usage. But, you may disable these behaviors if you wish, as described below.
  • The wiki, forums, issue tracker, and other services on our web site store account details for users who have created an account. You do not need to create an account for these services to download our use the Imprudence Viewer. You may update your account details at any time, or request their deletion.
  • We maintain an access log of all connections to our server, including IP addresses. The log does not contain personally identifiable information. We may analyze the log to monitor download counts, web site "hits", etc.

The sections below describe these policies in more detail.

Metaverse Login Details

This section describes our policy regarding your metaverse login details, i.e. the user name and password that you use to log in to a grid service such as OSGrid or Second Life.

  • The viewer only transmits your metaverse login details to the grid service(s) you use, strictly for the purpose of logging in to the grid service(s).
  • The viewer never transmits your metaverse login details to the Imprudence Viewer project or any person or organization other than the grid service(s) you log in to.
  • To make logging in more convenient for you, the viewer may store your metaverse login details on your computer. Your password will not be stored unless you have instructed the viewer to do so (e.g. by enabling "Remember my password"). In that case, your password is stored in an encrypted form on your computer.

Server Resources

By default, the Imprudence Viewer is configured to request certain resources from our web server. The viewer does not transmit your login name, password, or any personally identifiable information when connecting to our server. You may disable the viewer from connecting to our server as described below.

The viewer connects to our server in the following cases:

  • The viewer updates its list of available grids each time it is launched. This can be disabled by setting the CheckForGridUpdates debug setting to False.
  • The viewer updates its list of Client Identification tags each time it is launched. This can be disabled by setting the DownloadClientTags debug setting to False.
  • When the Second Life main or beta grid is selected on the login screen, the viewer accesses a splash page on our web server, which redirects the viewer to the proper Second Life splash page. This can be disabled by opening the Grid Manager from the login screen, and modifying the "Login Page" data field for the "secondlife" and "secondlifebeta" grids.
  • In Imprudence 1.3.1 or later, and Imprudence Experimental 2011.03.11 or later, the viewer accesses a news bar page on our web server each time the login screen is viewed. This can be disabled by setting the NewsBarURL debug setting to nothing.

Imprudence / Kokua Website Login Details

Certain optional services on the Imprudence / Kokua website (such as the wiki, forums, and issue tracker) allow you to create an account in order to use those services. You are not required to create an account on those services in order to download or use the Imprudence Viewer or Kokua. This section describes our policy regarding user information you provide to those services.

  • Unless otherwise noted, each separate service requires its own account, and information is not shared between services.
  • Some services may use browser cookies to remember that you are logged in to that service. You may disable cookies in your browser, but some services may not function fully without cookies.
  • For security purposes, the services may record the IP address that was used to create or log in to an account on that service.
  • Some services (such as the forums) allow you to provide optional information, such as your location, personal interests, or website URL. You are not required to provide such information, and can update or remove it at any time by visiting the account settings or profile page for that service:
  • Some services do not allow you to completely delete your account. If you wish for your account to be completely deleted, please contact Jacek Antonelli and she will try to accomodate your request.

Access Logs

Like most web sites, our server software keeps logs of all connections to the server, including the IP address of incoming connections. Your IP address does not identify you personally, and is not associated with your user name or other details about you, except that some optional services on our web site may record the IP address used to create an account for security purposes.

From time to time, we may analyze the access logs in aggregate (i.e. as a non-personally-identifiable collection) in order to measure download counts, number of web site "hits", and other similar metrics. We do not track any individual's usage of our website or of the viewer.

Access logs are viewable only to Jacek Antonelli (the web site operator), and are removed from the server on a monthly basis.