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LightShare is an OpenSim 0.7 feature, originally developed by Meta7, that allows the region to broadcast Windlight sky and water settings to the viewer. LightShare is only available on OpenSim 0.7 and higher, in regions that have enabled it in the sim configuration. LightShare is not available in Second Life.

LightShare support is disabled by default in Imprudence. To enable it, open the "Preferences > Advanced" tab, and change the "Allow region Windlight settings (LightShare)" option:

Lightshare preference.png

  • Never: LightShare support is completely disabled. Imprudence will automatically ignore all settings received. This is the default.
  • Ask me every time: When Imprudence receives settings from the region, it will display a notification asking you what to do. See below for more information.
  • Always: Imprudence will automatically apply all settings received, without asking.

If you select "Ask me every time", Imprudence will display a notification when it receives settings from the region:

Lightshare notification.png

  • Apply: Imprudence will change to the "(Region settings)" Windlight preset for both Sky and Water, and display the settings received.
  • Not Now: Imprudence will ignore these settings, and all future settings that arrive within the next 30 seconds. If new settings are received in that time period, they will be ignored and the 30 second timer will restart. (You can customize the timer length with the LightShareIgnoreTimer debug setting.)
  • Ignore: Imprudence will ignore these settings, and all future settings that arrive while you are in the current region. If you move to a different region, Imprudence will begin to ask you again when new settings are received.

Note: If you are using the "(Region settings)" preset for both Sky and Water, Imprudence will automatically apply settings that it receives, instead of asking again.