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About the team

The Kokua/Imprudence project is made up of a group of volunteers who have committed their time to help operate and maintain the Kokua/Imprudence viewers. Be that in a developer role by crafting and bug testing code or a non-development role by helping to manage the group and sites associated with it or interact with the public in a supportive capacity as an example. Team members are expected to help with the project on a regular basis, or to notify the project lead if they will be inactive for a while.

Although the official team is vital to the operation of the Kokua/Imprudence projects, there are many more people besides those on this official list who help maintain or offer advice to the project. This includes grid operators, volunteers who are not officially a part of the team as of yet for whatever reason, and everyday users who test and report bugs or provide other feedback. The project could not operate if any of these parts were missing and even if people are not listed here (Because they are not regularly available or some other reason) it does not negate the importance of their contributions.

Kokua Developers

McCabe Maxsted

  • Email:
  • Role: Co-founder; Developer; Windows maintainer
  • Joined: August 2008 (founding member)

Boroondas Gupte

Kentron Katana

Nicky Perian

  • Email:
  • Role: Developer; Linux 32bit; Linux 64it; Windows 32bit
  • Joined: February 2012 (Long Time Contributer)

Gavin Hird

  • Email:
  • Role: Developer; Apple manitainer
  • Joined: March 2015

Imprudence Developers

onefang rejected

Administrative and/or Non-Developer

CodeBastard "Codie" Redgrave

Advisory and/or Outside Representative

Revolution Smythe

Justin Clark Casey

  • Contact:
  • Role: Advisory; OpenSimulator
  • Joined: March 2012 (Long Time Contributer)


Jacek Antonelli

  • Email:
  • Role: Co-founder; Former project lead; Former developer; Former Linux 32-bit and Mac maintainer
  • Joined: August 2008 (founding member)
  • Status: Retired September 2011

Elektra Hesse

Armin Weatherwax

  • Email:
  • Role: Developer; Linux 64-bit maintainer
  • Joined: September 2009
  • Status: Retired 2012