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Imprudence 1.1.0

Known Issues

  • Mac users may have problems playing some music or video streams.
  • Local Chat (aka. Chat History) still stops automatically scrolling down to show new chat if you click it at the same time as a new line of chat arrives. Manually scrolling down to the bottom will start it autoscrolling again.
  • If you come within range of a looped sound while your sound slider is muted, the sound won't play when you unmute the slider. As a workaround, either move out of range of the sound and then back again to trigger it to play or just use the master mute instead.


This version of Imprudence includes the following changes (as compared to Imprudence 1.1.0 RC2).

Version Highlights

  • Mac Version! Thanks, Jacek! (And Thomas Shikami for his OpenAL help!)
  • Improved pie menus! (Again.) Thanks, McCabe!
  • Improved sound, music, and video support! Thanks, McCabe and Jacek!


  • The Pie Menus have been reorganized again in response to user feedback. Thanks, McCabe!
    • Check out the Pie Menus page for pictures and descriptions of all the changes!
  • Ctrl-D has been reverted to Edit > Duplicate. (It had been assigned to World > Create Landmark Here since 1.1.0 RC1.) Thanks, Jacek!
  • Added several optional confirmation dialogs (i.e. "Are you sure?" popups). Thanks, Jacek!
    • Teleport Home (via keyboard shortcut, the World menu, or Map window)
    • Toggle Fullscreen (via keyboard shortcut or the View menu)
    • Take Off All Clothes (via the Edit menu or the pie menu)
    • Restore to Last Position (via the inventory context menu)
    • Mute avatars or objects (via the pie menu or the avatar's Profile)
    • Note: All of these can be disabled by checking the appropriate box the first time they appear.
  • Added a separator bar between "Wear" and "Restore to Last Position" on the inventory context menu. Thanks, Jacek!
  • You can now access the Gestures manager window from the chat bar. (IMP-116). Thanks, Armin Weatherwax!
  • The top menu bar no longer turns red when connecting to third-party grids. Thanks, McCabe!
  • The login screen now shows pretty pictures like the SL viewer does. It will display something Imprudence-specific in the future. Thanks, Jacek!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed PARCEL_FLAG_ALLOW_CREATE_GROUP_OBJECTS not being highlighted in the script editor (VWR-8454). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed a crash when uploading files with non-ASCII characters in path on Linux (VWR-5575). Thanks for the patch, Alissa Sabre!
  • Fixed two small memory leaks when uploading LSL scripts (VWR-9400). Thanks for the patches, Carjay McGinnis and Henri Beauchamp!
  • Fixed the "Pay Object" mouse cursor for Linux (it had been showing the "Play Media" cursor) (VWR-10829). Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed the "High Resolution Snapshot" checkbox being visible in cases where it shouldn't have been. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Backported several bug fixes from the SL 1.22 viewer. Thanks, McCabe!
    • Fixed: Wrong visualisation of animations (VWR-996). Thanks, Unknown Linden!
    • Fixed: Reset Scripts in Selection failed if the parent object had no scripts (SVC-2771). Thanks, Si Linden!
    • Fixed: Prim position appears to be wrong (VWR-3871). Thanks, Unknown Linden!
    • Fixed: Possible crash in llfloater.cpp. Thanks, Unknown Linden!
    • Fixed: Possible crash while changing graphics settings. Thanks, Unknown Linden!
    • Fixed: No way to hide IMs in chat console (VWR-3060). Thanks for the patch, Henri Beauchamp!
    • Fixed: Texture decoder would try to decode more texture channels than the texture had (VWR-4070). Thanks for the patch, Carjay McGinnis!


  • Sounds are no longer downloaded if the volume slider is muted or zero, to conserve bandwidth, etc. (VWR-11674). Thanks for the patch, Zwagoth Klaar!
  • Tons of work under the hood on GStreamer and OpenAL. You deserve gold medals, McCabe and Jacek!