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Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2

Attention: Pie Menu Changes

  • The pie menu when right clicking on objects has been rearranged slightly:
    • "Buy" now appears in the first menu tier.
    • "Create" has been renamed "Build" and moved to the second menu tier.
    • "Return" and "Wear" have new locations in the second menu tier.

Known Issues

  • Don't use "File > Logout". It still causes lots of problems:
    • Logging out causes alerts (pop-up dialogs) to not work, and may even crash the viewer.
    • Logging out and then logging in to another grid causes the Groups window to show groups from both grids.
    • In OpenSim, right clicking clothing in the inventory and selecting Edit will cause a crash after logout.
    • Chat sometimes shows up on the login screen after logging out.
  • Property lines for land parcels flash when you have selected an avatar in the minimap radar.
  • OpenSim 0.6.4 or lower causes the viewer to crash when other avatars are present. OpenSim 0.6.6 is recommended.
  • Remaining issues from the previous 1.2.0 beta version:
    • Many new UI additions only provide English text. We'd love to have some bilingual users help us translate them. If you can help, please post in the forums.
    • The custom chat channel number entry doesn't behave properly for channel numbers longer than 6 digits. As a temporary work-around until we fix this, use the old "/NUMBER" (e.g. "/123456789 Hi") and "//" chat commands for chatting on large channel numbers.
    • The grid selection box on the login screen always defaults to "secondlife" at startup, when it should default to the most recently used grid.
    • The grid selection box on the login screen always shows "secondlife" after logging out, but behaves like it is still set to the grid you logged out from.
    • The minimap radar cannot be hidden yet. We're working on it.
    • The Windlight Water settings window doesn't have previous/next arrows like the Sky window does.
    • The Windlight toolbar sometimes forgets the last selected preset.
    • "File > Import" and "File > Upload & Import" may not work correctly for Mac users.
    • "File > Upload & Import" should have a confirmation dialog warning people about how much it will cost to upload all the textures.
  • Note for developers: some Linux and Mac libraries are still not packaged/uploaded, which can interfere with compiling Imprudence from source. Jacek is working on it!


This version of Imprudence includes the following changes (as compared to Imprudence 1.2.0 beta).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mouseclicks sometimes "jumping" near the edge of the screen in Windows - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed crash when using the Minimap and the silver skin - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Imprudence 1.2 features missing from the silver skin - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Imprudence wrongly thinking it was on the Teen Grid. You can now freely wear, edit, and/or take off your underwear again! - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed search showing too few results - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed inability to teleport to Adult regions (or detect them on the map) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed Advanced Sky only toggling once - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed first preset in Windlight Toolbar toggling Advanced Sky - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed crash when logging out of OpenSim after editing appearance - Armin Weatherwax.
  • Fixed grid manager adding an unnecessary "/" (forward slash) to grid URLs. You should be able to login to the SL Beta Grid. (You may need to go into the Grid Manager and remove the "/" in the login URI, though.) - Jacek Antonelli.
  • Fixed unlink button enabling when it shouldn't - McCabe Maxsted and Kitty Barnett.
  • Fixed inability to unlink when using edit linked parts - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed money change sound and dialog occurring after logging into different grids - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed name box missing from profiles - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed profile account label position - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed profile size overrunning search window - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed UI resize missing reset button in Preferences > General - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed (hopefully) UI resize not playing nice with the Liberation Sans font - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed newly created notecards behaving oddly - McCabe Maxsted.
  • The "Add..." (add friend) button on the minimap is now grayed out when you have selected someone who is already your friend - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed layout of debug permissions in the tools window - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed some compiling issues with Imprudence 1.2 and Windows - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed "Join Call" button truncated in group IMs - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Fixed reference to "Second Life" in Preferences > Graphics - McCabe Maxsted.

Also, it appears the big crash when logging in/logging out in Windows was fixed with the latest LL server update to 1.30.1.

Other Changes

  • RLVa version has been updated to 1.0.3e - Kitty Barnett.
  • Muting an avatar now mutes llDialog boxes from them as well - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Added llDialog throttle from the Green Life Emerald Viewer.
  • Added clickable Object say/whisper/shout names from the Green Life Emerald Viewer.
  • Object IMs are now prefixed with "IM:" in chat - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Object IMs now have their own color in Preferences > Text Chat - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now indicates when an avatar is typing - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now announces when an avatar enters chat range (enabled by default; you can change this in Preferences > General) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now announces when an avatar enters the sim (disabled by default; you can change this in Preferences > General) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap can now be minimized - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Minimap now shows the selected avatar's icon over other icons, so you can see it in crowded areas. - McCabe Maxsted.
  • The minimum value for the Draw Distance slider has been lowered to 32m (from 64m) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Added confirmation alert for double click tping and autopilot (can be easily ignored) - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Updated list of graphics cards Imprudence recognizes - McCabe Maxsted.
  • Re-added the avatar name box to the Profile window.
  • New Profile layout should accommodate non-English languages better - McCabe Maxsted.