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Imprudence 1.3.0

Release Highlights

  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.


In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3.

Features / Improvements

  • The Windows version can now use "large memory addresses" on systems that support it (such as 64-bit Win7). This allows the viewer to take full advantage of systems with lots of memory. Thanks to Ansariel Hiller for the tip, and McCabe for implementing it!
  • The "Start Location" box is now shown on the login screen by default. You can turn it off with "Preferences > General > Show start location at login screen". Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fonts now use only integer (whole number) sizes, which should alleviate blurry font rendering for many users. Thanks, Jacek!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Second Life Terms of Service page not loading, and therefore not allowing the user to agree or log in. Thanks, Thickbrick Sleaford and Elektra!
  • Fixed the viewer crashing when opening a landmark you just received. Thanks, Elektra!
  • Fixed "Rez objects using land group" not applying the land group when duplicating an already-rezzed object. Thanks, Henri Beauchamp!
  • Possibly fixed the viewer getting stuck in an infinite loop while verifying the cache at startup. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed the "Showcase" tab in Search showing the wrong page. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed the "Reset to default" button in Debug Settings not updating cached settings (SNOW-796). Thanks, Aleric Inglewood!
  • Mac: Fixed (again) the compile process not using the correct version of libjpeg. Thanks again, Nemurimasu Neiro!
  • Fixed some compile errors when using the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK (SNOW-231, SNOW-220). Thanks, Mimika Oh and Aimee Trescothick!
  • Fixed a compile error when using g++ 4.4.x (SNOW-422). Thanks, Aleric Inglewood!

Other Changes

  • The "High resolution snapshot" setting is no longer saved between sessions. This was causing users to get stuck in a cycle where a high resolution snapshot would crash the viewer, but the setting couldn't be disabled without opening the snapshot window, which would take a snapshot and crash the viewer again. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added some snapshot-related safety checks and a few changes backported from Viewer 2. These should help alleviate some common snapshot-related crashes. Thanks, McCabe!
  • "Help > About Imprudence" no longer lists the Second Life viewer version that it was based on. Imprudence is assembled from many different sources and versions, so that information is not really accurate or relevant.