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Imprudence 1.3.0 RC2

Release Highlights

  • Vivox voice chat support is now included with Imprudence.
  • Streaming audio/video now supports the AAC codec (sound encoding), which is commonly used in MP4 videos.
  • Fixed numerous bugs from 1.3.0 RC1.

Known Issues

  • The "Cancel" button is missing when the teleport screen is disabled.
  • The Animation Overrider window needs to be open when standing up from sitting on the ground in order to activate stands.
  • Tiny prims are sometimes invisible until selected.
  • Lossless textures sometimes appear corrupt/black when using OpenJPEG (the workaround is to copy llkdu from an SL 1.23 installation).
  • Building grid ruler marks are invisible when stretching prims if "Disable Max Build Constraints" is enabled.
  • Prim position and rotation are sometimes improperly rounded to >4 decimal places.
  • Avatar textures may appear invisible when HTTP textures is enabled (a rebake fixes it).


In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 RC1.

Features / Improvements

  • Vivox voice chat support is now included with Imprudence. Thanks McCabe, Armin, and Jacek!
  • Streaming audio and video encoded with AAC now plays audio (e.g. MP4 videos). Thanks McCabe, Armin, and Jacek!
  • Added ability to ignore group chat from individual groups. Uncheck the "Join group chat" checkbox in a group's info window to ignore incoming chat from that group. Thanks, McCabe and Jacek!
  • Added Reconnect to Voice button in Preferences > Voice. Thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature.
  • Chat logs and user-specifc settings are now stored in firstname_lastname@grid folders in the user settings. (To access your old chat logs and settings in the new format, copy the contents of your firstname_lastname folder to folders using the new firstname_lastname@grid naming convention.) Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added Gestures slider to the audio controls, allowing you to adjust the volume of gesture sounds. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added menu option for toggling IM auto-responses in the World menu. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added Teleport to Ground option in the Advanced menu. Thanks, McCabe, and thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature!
  • The window title bar now shows the grid name (in addition to the user name) when "Allow Multiple Instances" is enabled. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Profiles now show avatar's age (#405). Thanks, Ansariel Hiller, and thanks to Chalice Yao for this feature!
  • Updated the list of supported graphics cards (gpu_table.txt) to the latest from Viewer 2. Thanks, McCabe!
  • SLURLs now work. Thanks, Makomk Makosen!
  • Disable Max Build Constraints now also disables position limits. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Re-enabled search url fetching in the Grid Manager. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Increased the script editor font size for readability. Thanks, McCabe!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when quitting and having voice enabled i.e. "Imprudence not remembering preferences" (#381). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed inworld audio sporadically enabling on Windows. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed inworld audio not completely enabling regardless of maturity setting. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed numerous RLVa bugs. Thanks, Kitty Barnett!
  • Fixed memory leak in LLImageFormatted (SNOW-793). Thanks, Thickbrick Sleaford!
  • Fixed LightShare skies not updating fluently (#415). Thanks, tx Oh!
  • Fixed a potential memory leak in LightShare. Thanks, Armin!
  • Potential fixes for several crashes when using HTTP textures. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed crash when logging into a region with progress screens disabled. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed crash when encountering textures with bogus parameters. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed "crash" in lltexturecache. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed account-specific settings being overwritten when teleporting between grids. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed llkdu.dll not being correctly detected on Windows. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed proper detection of Windows 7, backported from Snowglobe (#424). Thanks, Ansariel Hiller!
  • Fixed the Search window loading the wrong search page when connected to OpenSim. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed Grid Manager being nearly empty when the viewer fails to download the grid list the first time. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed regression: local lights not disabling when editing appearance. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed the Preferences > Advanced > Enable shadows checkbox not showing whether or not shadows were enabled. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed minimum size of the Contacts window being too small. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed libndofdev detection on Linux. Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed missing quotes in Linux scripts. Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed tooltips taking longer than normal to appear. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed missing constants from the script editor and added llGetLinkNumberOfSides(). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed Build Math help button overlapping some UI text (#384). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed Preferences > Advanced layout being off in RC1. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed lowercase "c"s in build window labels. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed event names overrunning the search window. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed unknown viewer tags being shown as "Failure". Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed prim sizes not working at 5 decimal places. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed scripted notifications showing a blank whitespace below the owner name. Thanks, McCabe!

Other Changes

  • The ParticleChat setting is now off by default. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Removed the "About" button in the preferences window. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Moved Clear Group Cache to "Advanced > UI > Clear Cached Group Info". Thanks, McCabe!
  • Renamed "Show IMs in: Main console" to "Show IMS in: Main chat" in Preferences > Communication. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Added Cool VL Viewer and Kitty Barnett to the "thanks" section of the viewer credits in Help > About Imprudence. Thanks, McCabe!

Known Issues With OpenSim

If you're using Imprudence to explore the larger metaverse, here are a few OpenSim bugs that you should be aware of:

  • Clearing cache causes "body parts not found" error and your avatar to login as a cloud. This will also happen on first login to many OpenSim grids. The workaround is to change your shape then relog.
  • Megaregion teleports fail except in the root (SW) region.
  • The "Cancel" button does not appear during teleports on most OpenSim-based grids.
  • When sitting, the camera's default center is the root prim, not the prim you're actually sitting on.
  • OpenSims using CS2JK to bake avatar textures might corrupt an avatar's appearance (looking "rainbow" or "checker-boarded") when using openjpeg. A rebake will generally fix this.
  • Sometimes OpenSim loses an avatar's appearance, causing changing clothing to fail and the avatar to permanently look white, even after a rebake or a relog.
  • Sometimes prims or land become corrupted (i.e. look "rainbow") an excessive amount. The workaround for this is to copy llkdu from a Second Life 1.23 install into the main Imprudence folder.
  • Creating new outfits causes the viewer to crash on many OpenSim-based grids.
  • Right clicking a landmark and selecting "About Landmark" causes the viewer to crash on most OpenSim-based grids.
  • Sometimes avatars become stuck as unbaked (i.e. white) on OpenSim. Having stuck avatars rebake fixes this in most cases.