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Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 1

Release Highlights

  • Textures and objects now rez more quickly, due to improved texture and object engines from Snowglobe. Thanks to the Snowglobe devs for creating it, and Armin and Jacek for porting it!
  • Imprudence's code base has been updated to Second Life 1.23.5. That means Imprudence has gained most of the new features and bug fixes from SL 1.23. Thanks to Linden Lab for writing it, and to Jacek, McCabe, and Armin for their hard work merging it! Thanks also to Lilly Zenovka for her assistance.
  • Optional legacy pie menus. Enable "Preferences > General > Use legacy pie menus" to switch to a pie menu layout similar to SL 1.22 and earlier. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Clothing layer protection and client identification from Meerkat/Emerald. See the Client Identification page for information about these features. Thanks to the Meerkat and Emerald teams for creating them, and Armin for porting them!

Known Issues

  • Imprudence may crash on Linux when changing "Antialiasing" or "Anisotropic Filtering" in "Preferences > Graphics > Hardware Settings".
    • This is a known bug in SL 1.23 (VWR-13286). We will try our best to fix it.
    • As a work around, you can open "Advanced > Debug Settings", modify RenderFSAASamples (antialiasing) and RenderAnisotropic (anisotropic filtering), then restart the viewer.
  • The "View > Web Browser" menu entry does not work.
  • Legacy pie menus always appear in English, even if you are using another language.
  • The "File > Import + Upload" menu item's price always says "L$10 per texture", even when uploads are actually free, such as on OpenSim.


In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.2.1. For a full list of changes in past versions, please see the release notes for those versions.

Features / Improvements

  • You can now type in an optional message when paying L$ to a Resident (SNOW-436, formerly VWR-9597). The message will appear in that Resident's transaction history online. Thanks, Jacek!
    • The layout for the Pay Resident and Pay Object windows have been cleaned up, too. Thanks, Jacek!
  • You can now adjust numerical sliders with the mouse wheel. Position the mouse pointer over a slider (e.g. sound volume, draw distance, etc.) and scroll the mouse wheel up and down. Thanks, Armin!
    • You can change the direction and speed by editing the SliderScrollWheelMultiplier debug setting. Thanks, Jacek!
  • In the IM window, the "Profile" button now has a drop-down menu with "Pay" and "Offer Teleport" options. Thanks, McCabe!
  • User profiles now have a "Copy Key" button to copy that user's key (agent UUID) to your clipboard. You can then paste it into a script, for example. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Color chooser widgets now display opacity in a way that makes sense. Thanks, Geneko Nemeth!
  • The Script editor's Help menu now has a link to the Autoscript scripting helper, to help generate .
  • You can now drag-and-drop inventory items anywhere on someone's profile to send them. In Imprudence 1.2, you had to drag to specific area in the bottom right corner. Thanks, McCabe!
  • There is now a new debug setting to save inventory scripts as Mono (SNOW-378). If you enable SaveInventoryScriptsAsMono in Debug Settings, new scripts that you create in your inventory will default to Mono. Thanks, Henri Beauchamp!
  • You can now set a custom "world search" URL to use instead of SL's search pages. See "Preferences > Web > World Search". This is mostly useful for users of third-party grids. We hope to provide per-grid search URLs in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the login screen not allowing login names longer than 16 letters. It now allows up to 31 letters per name, like it should.
  • Fixed #155: Double clicking your avatar triggers a TP request. Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed #184: Opening notecards resets the camera. Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed #197: Windlight toolbar can't be hidden. Thanks, Jacek!
  • Fixed VWR-4232: Some particles don't disappear when UI is hidden. Thanks, Admiral Admiral and Mm Alder!
  • Fixed VWR-14267: Clicking send in an IM window does not add the sent text to the line editor history. Thanks, Aimee Trescothick!
  • Fixed VWR-14278: Gesture auto-completion adds uncommitted suggestions to the line editor history. Thanks, Aimee Trescothick!
  • Fixed VWR-11172: A source coding mistake prevents number-pad keys from specifying Ctrl+digit shortcuts on Windows. Thanks, Alissa Sabre!
  • Fixed VWR-14475: Load from XML is broken. Thanks, Admiral Admiral and Mm Alder!
  • Fixed VWR-15310: Save to XML doesn't set proper XML tags. Thanks, Admiral Admiral and Mm Alder!
  • Fixed SNOW-376: Clean up handling of the maximum length of chat messages. Thanks, Admiral Admiral and Mm Alder!
  • Fixed SNOW-413: Potential null pointer exception in multi-slider control. Thanks, Admiral Admiral and Mm Alder!
  • Fixed SNOW-488: Malformed animation crash. Thanks, Robin Cornelius!
  • Fixed SNOW-492: LLDataPacker::unpackstring() is unsafe. Thanks, Robin Cornelius!
  • Fixed a rare crash from textures with too many components. (This has only been observed in the Lbsa Plaza sim on OSGrid, so far.) Thanks, Armin!

Other Changes

  • To help protect our users' privacy, the viewer no longer sends "ViewerStats" to Linden Lab's servers. This was a feature of the SL viewer which would collect and send various pieces of information to Linden Lab without the user's active consent. Thanks, Patrick Sapinski!
  • The Linux (32 and 64 bit) builds are no longer distributed with Pango or GDK-PixBuf, due to a number of bugs that was causing. Linux users should install the following on their systems:
    • Pango 1.26 (or compatible), including freetype support.
    • GTK+ 1.16 (or compatible)
  • The "Notify when Linden dollars (L$) spent or received" checkbox has been moved to "Preferences > Popups". Thanks, McCabe!
  • Removed unnecessary XUI files from the Silver skin. This helps keep the UI layouts of both skins in sync. Thanks, McCabe!
  • There have been numerous changes and improvements to the viewer compile system and software libraries. Thanks to Armin, Jacek, McCabe, and Patrick Sapinski, and the Snowglobe devs!