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Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 2

Release Highlights

  • Temporary (Free) Texture Uploads. When uploading an image, select "Temporary Image (Free)" to upload it for free, but with some caveats (see below). Thanks to the Emerald viewer for this feature, and Armin for porting it!
    • Temporary textures are intended for testing and preview purposes only. They exist only on the sim they are uploaded to, will disappear from your inventory when you log off, and may disappear from the sim when it restarts.
  • Breast Physics. By popular demand, we have ported breast physics simulation (i.e. jiggly boobs) from the Emerald Viewer. Thanks to Danny Nolan and the Emerald devs for creating this feature, and Armin for porting it!
    • Currently, this feature can only be configured via Debug Settings: EmeraldBreastPhysicsToggle (to disable/enable the feature entirely), EmeraldBoobMass, EmeraldBoobHardness, etc.
  • SpeedRez. After teleporting, the viewer will temporarily decrease the draw distance to encourage nearby objects and textures to rez first. Thanks for the patch, Henri Beauchamp!
    • You can disable this feature by setting the SpeedRez debug setting to FALSE, or adjust the timing by editing the SpeedRezInterval debug setting (smaller numbers restore the old draw distance sooner).
  • Building hotkeys to cycle through prims in a link set (SNOW-97). See the "Tools > Select Linked Parts" menu. Thanks for the patch, Thickbrick Sleaford!

Known Issues

  • Linux: The viewer may crash on some Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit installs, most likely due to a bug in glib2. As a work around, users affected by this issue can modify the "imprudence" launch script to add the following code near the top of the script (for example on the second line): export LL_WRAPPER='strace -o /dev/null'
  • All known issues listed for 1.3.0 beta 1 still apply to this this version.


In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 1. For a full list of changes in past versions, please see the release notes for those versions.

Features / Improvements

  • Opening SLURLs ("secondlife://...") from another application is now handled nicely on Linux. If Imprudence is already running, the SLURL will open in the current instance of Imprudence. Otherwise, it will launch a new instance of Imprudence. Thanks, Armin!
  • The notecard editor now has Search/Replace functionality. Thanks for the patch, Kitty Barnett!
  • The notecard editor now has an "Edit" menu. Thanks for the patch, Henri Beauchamp!
  • The password field on the login screen now uses solid black circles (•) instead of asterisks (*), for a cleaner look. Thanks, Geneko Nemeth!
  • Added PrivateLookAtTarget debug setting. When enabled, the viewer will no longer tell other users where your avatar is looking. Thanks, Armin!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Possible crash related to ShowLookAt targets. Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed: Pie menu remains after switch to Mouselook (VWR-2425). Thanks for the patch, Kitty Barnett!
  • Fixed: Some menu entries were missing from the Advanced menu. Thanks, Jacek!
    • Advanced > UI > Use default system color picker
    • Advanced > UI > Show search panel in overlay bar
    • Advanced > UI > Show Matrices
    • Advanced > XUI > Font Test...
  • Fixed: Clicking the "Advanced > UI > Double-Click Auto-Pilot" menu entry would crash the viewer, so it has been removed. (As of Imprudence 1.2, double-click autopilot is configured in "Preferences > Input & Camera.) Thanks, Jacek!
  • Applied several bug fixes from Henri Beauchamp. Thanks, Henri!
    • Fixed: The viewer would sometimes crash when touching or focusing the camera on an object that was being rezzed.
    • Fixed: The viewer did not properly use the .tga file extension when saving textures to your computer.
    • Fixed: The viewer would sometimes crash when encountering avatars using "extra" attachment points (multiple attachments on the same body part).
  • Fixed: Some pop-up notifications behaved incorrectly: Build Math Expressions help pop-ups, and the "Restore to Last Position" warning.
  • Fixed: Several cases where the viewer could pause or freeze when downloading textures (SNOW-196, SNOW-408, SNOW-434, SNOW-435, SNOW-485). Thanks for the patches, Aleric Inglewood, Merov Linden, Robin Cornelius, and Vex Streeter!

Other Changes

  • ELFIO has been reactivated on 64-bit Linux. It had been disabled in 1.3.0 beta 1 as a possible fix for a crash for some 64-bit Linux users, but the problem turned out to be something else (see Known Issues, above). Thank, Armin!
  • Linux: You can now disable disable DBUS support by passing the "--disableDBUS" command line option or setting the "DisableDBUS" Debug Setting to TRUE. This is meant as a work-around for users who crash when using DBUS. Thank, Armin!
  • The pre-packaged 32-bit GStreamer plugins will be now be available to GStreamer when running the 32-bit Linux build on a 64-bit Linux system. Thank, Armin!
  • To save developers' time and effort, the ChangeLog.txt file is now automatically generated from Git commit messages, instead of being edited by hand. Thanks, Jacek!