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Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 3

Release Highlights

  • Improved OpenSim support.
    • Support for up to 100 groups, 99% hollow prims, 1% hole size, megaprims up to 256m in size, and prim Z position up to 10km. Thanks to the Hippo Viewer for these improvements!
    • Implemented the --grid command line flag to select a grid to login to by name, e.g. --grid osgrid --login Firstname Lastname Password. Thanks, Armin!
    • Various links now go to the proper web page for the current grid, instead of always a Second Life web page: F1 Help, "Sign up for account", "Forgot your name or password?". Thanks, Armin!
    • The Search window's Groups tab has been reverted to a non-web based version, like the Hippo Viewer has. The All tab is also no longer web based, but a new "All (web)" tab has been added for the web based search. Thanks to the Hippo Viewer and McCabe for this!
    • The "All (web)" Search tab now uses for searches on non-Second Life grids. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Built-in Animation Overrider (View > AO, Ctrl-Shift-O). See the Animation Overrider page for full details. Thanks to Emerald Viewer for this feature, and McCabe for porting and improving it!
  • IM Autoresponse (Prefences > Communication > IM Response Options). The viewer can now perform a variety of actions when you receive an Instant Message, such as sending a response automatically. Thanks to Emerald Viewer for this feature, and McCabe for porting it!
  • Tools > Advanced Build Options (Ctrl-Shift-B). The old "Grid Options" window has been renamed and extended with a bunch of great new options and features to help builders. See the Advanced Build Options page for full details. Thanks to McCabe for setting up the Advanced Build Options window.
    • "Pivot Point" and "Show axis on root prim" affect the placement of the 3D build axes widget. Thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature!
    • "Rez objects using land group" automatically rezzes objects using the correct group for the land, if you are a member. Thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature!
    • "Edit object decimal places" controls the numerical precision shown for object position, rotation, and size. Thanks to the Cool VL Viewer for this feature!
    • "Object Size", "Settings", and "Texture" controls the default settings for newly created prims. Thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature!
    • Ability to embed an inventory item into newly created prims. Thanks to the Emerald Viewer for this feature!
  • To make the viewer compliant with the Second Life Policy on Third-Party Viewers, the object export feature no longer downloads textures from Second Life. Other grids are not affected.

Known Issues

  • Textures on other avatars may flicker or appear corrupted on your computer, if they are using viewers based on Second Life 1.22 or earlier. This is due to a change in avatar texture format introduced in Second Life 1.23. We are investigating solutions to this problem.
  • Textures may not load fully or may appear corrupted when using OpenJPEG when "Use HTTP Textures" is enabled. If you want to benefit from HTTP textures in this release, you should copy the "libkdu" and "libllkdu" from a Second Life 1.23.5 installation to the corresponding location within the Imprudence directory.
  • Due to an oversight, the "World > Buy OS$" menu item is active on OpenSim in this release, but will be disabled in the future to prevent confusion on grids that don't support currencies.
  • While sitting on an object, your avatar may appear invisible to users of unpatched viewers based on 1.22 or lower, such as Hippo Viewer 5.0.1. See VWR-9137 for more info.
  • In the grid manager, the "Get Grid Info" button does not work for OpenSim-based grids unless the login URI has a trailing slash ("/"). You should end login URIs for OpenSim-based grids with a trailing slash, e.g., not


In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 2.

Features / Improvements

  • Added a new "Advanced" section in Preferences, with several new options. Thanks, McCabe!
    • "Disable Login/Logout Screens". When this option is checked, the viewer will not show the progress bar screen when logging in, logging out, or quitting the viewer.
    • "Disable Teleport Screens". When this option is checked, the viewer will not show the progress bar screen when teleporting.
    • "Show Client Names in Name Tag" and "Broadcast Your Client Name to Others". These control the Client Identification feature.
    • "Enable Shadows". This enables experimental support for dynamic shadow rendering in the viewer. WARNING: This is potentially unstable and requires a very good video card.
    • "Use HTTP Textures". This enables support for downloading textures via HTTP when available. This can improve the speed and reliability of texture downloads when connected to a service that supports HTTP textures, such as OpenSim 0.6.9-RC2 or later. If the service does not support HTTP textures (such as Second Life or older OpenSim versions), this option has no benefit. Please be aware of the known issue described above when using HTTP Textures with OpenJPEG.
    • "Increase rez speed via draw distance stepping". This controls the "SpeedRez" feature added in 1.3.0 beta 2. There is also an option to adjust the time between draw distance steps.
    • "Stand when editing appearance". When turned off, you will no longer Stand Up when you edit your avatar appearance while sitting. (In this release, the "turn around" animation still plays, but that behavior will likely change in the future.)
  • The inventory window title now remembers the inventory count from your previous session, and indicates how many items are still remaining to fetch. Thanks to Emerald Viewer for this feature!
  • The script editor now has tooltips for new LSL features in Second Life Server 1.38 (prim media and linkset functions). Thanks to Linden Lab and McCabe!
  • Tweaked the avatar height calculator in the Appearance window to be more accurate, using values from SNOW-197. Thanks to Archimedies Plutonian, Soft Linden, McCabe, and Jacek!
  • Objects with no name (or unknown name) now appear as ">>" in chat, instead of appearing as "no name". Thanks, McCabe!
  • If the current region does not have any support for voice chat (e.g. OpenSim regions with no voice module), the viewer will temporarily deactivate voice chat and hide the voice chat controls on the toolbar. The viewer will check again for voice chat again whenever you move to another parcel. Thanks, Armin!
  • The viewer will deactivate voice chat for the current session if the SLVoice program is not found, rather than repeatedly checking for it. (See the How to Re-enable Voice Chat page for instructions for installing SLVoice.) Thanks, Armin!
  • By default, the statistics window (Ctrl-Shift-1) no longer hides when entering Mouselook mode. You can adjust this behavior with the ShowStatusBarInMouselook debug setting. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Tooltips now disappear when you type, to prevent them from obscuring the UI while typing (SNOW-384). Thanks for the patch, Ardy Lay!
  • Tweaked some ugly layouts in several avatar profile tabs and Search window tabs. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Uploads that cost nothing (on OpenSim) now say "free" instead of "L$0". Thanks to the Hippo Viewer for this!
  • Build Math Expressions has been updated to include the new operators available in 1.3 (sine, cosine, etc).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some objects would be invisible after a very long-distance teleport (#239). Thanks, Armin!
  • Fixed the "Advanced > Animation List" window not updating. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed "Advanced > Phantom Avatar" not working correctly on Second Life. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed some UI layout problems in the login screen and avatar profile window when the viewer is set to certain non-English languages (#192, #231). Thanks, Jacek and McCabe!
  • Fixed a crash in the script editor related to OpenSim reporting a syntax error with a negative line number (#245). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed a crash caused by some malformed animations (SNOW-484). Thanks to Robin Cornelius for the patch!
  • Fixed a crash when quitting, related to the LLAgent class destructor. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed the "Quit" button not working in the dialog that informs you of a lost connection (#199). Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed a rare crash in the payment dialog in laggy situations. Thanks to to Hippo Viewer for the fix!
  • The "File > Import + Upload" menu item no longer erroneously shows "(L$10 per texture)" when connected to OpenSim. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed several hardcoded references to Second Life and the Second Life website. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Repositioned the "Temporary Image" checkbox on the image upload window so it doesn't extend beyond the window. Thanks, McCabe!
  • Fixed an ambiguous use of NULL in the media code which may have caused crashes for 64-bit Linux users. Thanks, Armin!

Other Changes

  • "Sub-Unit Snapping" is now enabled by default. You can toggle it in the "Tools > Advanced Build Options" window (Ctrl-Shift-O). Thanks, McCabe!
  • When connected to grids other than Second Life, the currency symbol is now "OS$" instead of "L$" (#237). We are looking into ways to use grid-specific currency symbols in the future. Thanks to the Hippo Viewer for this!
  • As a temporary measure, you can now only purchase currency in the viewer when connected to Second Life. On OpenSim, the "L$" button is hidden and clicking your "OS$" amount will not open the window to buy currency. This functionality will be re-enabled when we are certain it will work correctly on OpenSim, and can detect whether the grid supports it. Thanks, McCabe and Jacek!
  • Renamed some tabs in the Profile window: "2nd Life" and "1st Life" are now "Avatar" and "Real Life". Thanks, McCabe!
  • The OpenAL library for Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) has been updated to version 1.11.753. This should hopefully address some issues related to PulseAudio. Thanks, Armin!
  • The viewer now sends the correct version number when loading login splash page. It now sends the Imprudence version, instead of the version of Second Life it was based on. (Ported from version 1.2.2.) Thanks, Jacek!