Imprudence:Release Notes/1.3.0-beta 4

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Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 4

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 4 is a critical fix release to address a serious bug when rezzing objects from your inventory in Second Life while the Build window is open.


  • The following features from the Advanced Build Options window have been removed to prevent unintentional modification of objects rezzed from your inventory:
    • "Settings" and "Texture" control the default settings and textures for newly created prims.
    • Ability to embed an inventory item into newly created prims.
  • The following change in 1.3.0 beta 3 has been reverted, to avoid possible negative effects on private/group voice conversations:
    • If the current region does not have any support for voice chat (e.g. OpenSim regions with no voice module), the viewer will temporarily deactivate voice chat and hide the voice chat controls on the toolbar. The viewer will check again for voice chat again whenever you move to another parcel.
  • Fixed the "Show Selection Outlines" checkbox in the Advanced Build Options window not working correctly.