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Communication Channels
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Good for:

  • Reading guides, tips, etc.
  • Contributing to guides, tips, etc.

Not good for:

  • Reporting bugs
  • Getting individual support

The Kokua/Imprudence Wiki (which you are reading now) contains instructions, guides, tips, and other written documents related to the viewers and the project. Almost every page can be edited by any registered user. Feel free to add, expand, improve, or fix any pages to improve the amount or quality of information stored here.

The wiki contains a lot of useful information, but it is not a good place to ask for individual support, or to report bugs. If you would like to propose a very detailed feature or enhancement, you can use the wiki to write a draft and get feedback before submitting the proposal, but you should always use the Issue Tracker to submit the proposal for consideration.

Some important pages (such as Downloads, Release Notes, and Privacy policy) are protected so that only individuals who have special permission can edit them. If you notice an error on any protected page, or would like to suggest an addition or change to any of those pages, please create an issue on the Issue Tracker in the Website project as either Bug (for corrections) or Proposal (for suggesting an addition or change).