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A list of feature and bug fix suggestions for project contributors to consider implementing. See the Development Process page for more information.



  • Enable "(semi-)lossless" upload. Don't cull subtle movements.
  • Extended animation priority range (higher numbers).
  • Per-joint priority levels.
  • Preview animations on actual avatar before upload
  • Fix the first frame upload bug (VWR-3783)
  • Fix the Play in World / Stop button getting stuck. (VWR-3804)
  • Ease and Loop values specified in animation frames, not percentage.


  • Head clothing layer
  • Local wardrobe
  • Other avatar texture baking hacks
  • Improved avatar mesh (more polygons around nose)
  • Better skinning (weighting of mesh to skeleton)
  • Hi-poly meshes for photo sessions.
  • Animation Override (AO) built into the client. (VWR-386)
  • Breast physics? ^^; (Emerald has it.) [Already implemented? Look in debug settings for breast settings with Emerald prefix]


  • Better texturing / texture alignment tools
  • Align, snap, and distribute tools
  • Mirror tool
  • Increased precision of numeric input -maybe debug setting to setup/down arrow amount?
  • Investigate square and triangle prim paths - can they be stored server-side and used by regular clients?
  • Fix scaling of linked parts
  • Remove culling of small movements (0.0005m limit)
  • Preview texture in-world before paying for upload (cache injection / temp assets?)
  • Remove as many building limits as possible
  • Show sculpt shape preview instead of sculpt map texture in build tools (VWR-4774)
  • Smaller Build floater that doesn't get in the way as much
  • Building hotkeys to select next/previous prim in a link set (VWR-9287)
  • User-settable default permissions on creation of objects, clothing, scripts, notecards, etc. (VWR-8049)
  • "View permissions as foreign": could be an object flag that when enabled, allows the builder to see perms on that object as they would be from a foreign user POV

Communicate Window

  • Split out contacts and group lists from chat / IM
  • Text search in chat history / IM
  • Search chat and IM logs from within the UI.
  • Prefix notices in the chat window with a distinguishing string like ">>". (Notifications means online/offline notices, inventory offers, and other things that aren't actually chat.)
  • Add a convenient keyboard shortcut or inline string replacement for the newline character in local and IM windows. This newline character usually appears as a backwards 'P' symbol and can only be copy-pasted or by doing alt + 0182 on the numpad. Try somethign like ctrl-enter or for inline '&\n' or another easy replacement macro.
  • Add multiline display for the typing field for chat windows so you can see more of your message for long posts, just like most instant messaging clients.
  • Add ability to 'close and mute' or just close group chats to avoid keeping them always open

Contacts / Friends List

  • Contacts list tags
  • Custom lists (tabs) for contacts
  • Add "favorite" profiles, as a pseudo-friends list
  • Ability to decide which friends cause online/offline notifications to appear.
  • Ability to sort Friends list into different categories. (VWR-890)


  • Easier inventory filters
  • Inventory tags
  • Custom tabs in inventory
  • Filter by creator
  • End date for inventory filter by date
  • Split-view inventory window (side by side or one above the other)
  • "Cut" (as in Cut & Paste) menu item
  • Copy SLURL menu item for landmarks
  • Right click > Copy to Inventory option for items in notecards.
  • Duplicate inventory item checker. [1]
  • Count all files in a sub-directory
  • Count inventory search results

Saving / Loading

  • Export / import avatar shape to XML
  • Save / load / reload script or notecard from disk. (VWR-5206)
  • Image sequence export (AKA bmp/png video) (WIki Link)

Script Editor

  • Tabbed script editor
  • Tooltips for user-defined functions
  • #include statement (insert code from another script before upload)
  • Fold / collapse code blocks
  • Autoinsertion of default parameters for events e.g. listen
  • Intellisense style auto-complete for llFunctions(). Fills in the function it thinks you're typing as highlighted text.
  • Auto-generate listen event on typing an llListen() code. Auto generate a sensor() and no_sensor block on llSensor or llSensorRepeat() code. Auto generate control() on llTakeControls(). Auto generate run_time_permissions() event on llRequestPermisisons(). Auto generate changed() event code for finding the avatar's key on llSitTarget (BIG MAYBE). Auto generate at_rot_target or at_target for llTargetRot and llTargetPos. Auto generate collision event for llVolumeDetect(TRUE) call.

CHECK for prexisting events before auto-generating events. Make auto-generation of events togglable per event type. An hero.

  • Drag & Drop texture/sound files from inventory to script window, automatically applying the UUID.


  • Autohide (optional)
  • Collapsible toolbar
  • Customizable toolbar (add/remove buttons)
  • Flyout buttons for Search and Build for specific actions.
  • Automatically rename "Build" label to reflect whatever tool is in use (and remember setting?)

UI Widgets / Tools

  • Scrollable panels
  • Generic hierarchy view class
  • Dynamically-resizable UI elements (to fit bigger text)
  • Unify notecard and script editor code. (Inherit from general text editor class)
  • Context menus for selected text - copy, paste, cut
  • Dockable widgets
  • Tear-Off Pallets

Web Browser

  • Bookmarks
  • Tabbed browsing
  • History. (Already kept, but no easy access)


  • A new, original skin to distinguish Imprudence
  • High contrast and low-contrast skins for accessibility
  • Automatic detection of installed skins (auto-generated list of skins in preferences panel)
  • Skin installation package format (e.g. skins in a zip file, just download into the skins directory)
  • Support for specifying custom fonts and sounds (button clicks, etc.) in skins

Misc / Unsorted

  • Toggle hiding small objects (Wiki Link)
  • Pen/Touchscreen compatility (Wiki Link)
  • HTTP Textures (VWR-8833)
  • UI in Preferences for changing font
  • "Recently emailed" list for Snapshot postcards
  • Profiles for multiple preference settings, e.g. "photography", "building".
  • Custom busy mode functionality [2]
  • Low bandwidth mode. Ability to disable texture downloads, object updates, and/or avatar attachments.
  • Ability to start conference IM with arbitrary list of people, possibly even non-friends. (VWR-10386)
  • Disable trying to detect system language at first run, instead just let the user choose. Perhaps add a drop-down list of languages to the login panel.
  • Option to turn off requests for calling card statuses, to reduce needless bandwidth wastage and network load.
  • Save custom windlight presets to a persistent directory, so they stay available even after new viewer upgrades.
  • Revamp Preferences > Popups. Or at least add a button to disable a single popup.
  • Fix inability to upload any files or bulk upload after a bulk upload image failure.
  • "Secure IMs", an obfuscation/encryption scheme for IMs. (Already in the Emerald Viewer -- ensure cross-compatibility.)